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Methadone Intakes Monday-Thursday

Suboxone Intakes Monday-Wednesday




Opioid replacement treatment is intended to do three things for our clients:

  1. Keep the client out of withdrawal.

  2. Keep the client comfortable and free from craving/using other opioids.

  3. Improve your life such as prevent criminal behavior related to substance abuse.


New Clients

The “intake” process is an evaluation you will receive by the clinic representative and the medical director or staff physician.  You will be interviewed for necessary medical, psychiatric, substance abuse and psychosocial behavior.  You will also have a physical examination where blood will be collected for laboratory testing for metabolic and infectious diseases and a tuberculosis skin test.  A urine sample is requested of all patients at the time of admission in order to verify drug use. It is imperative that you give the nurse, counselor and the physician accurate and truthful answers during this interview process about your health habits, drug use and medical history. The counselor, physician and federal guidelines will all be taken into consideration to determine whether you are a candidate for methadone treatment.  Within the federal guidelines, the physician or other qualified person will evaluate your history to determine what dose will be appropriate to start.


Transfer Clients

Once you have decided that you would like to enter our program and leave your prior program, we require a release of information authorization to be signed by you so that we may obtain your medical records from your previous program including but not limited to:  drug screen results, counseling notes, physical exam results, laboratory results, progress notes, medication type and dose and other information related to your treatment.


All Clients

There are a number of consent forms you are requested to sign before you complete admission into our program.  Many of these consents are required by federal and state authorities; the remainder is clinic policy.  PRIOR to signing any form, you are expected to read the consent form and ask questions about anything you do not understand.  Since this is a voluntary program (that is to say you wish to participate on your own free will), we require that you are making an informed decision about joining our program.  Methadone does cause physical dependence and you will have withdrawal symptoms if you abruptly discontinue its use.

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