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Sticks and Stones


Upon admission you will meet with an intake counselor, who will assist you with the process of being admitted to our program.  You will be assigned a counselor based upon availability and your preferences.  We will make every effort to notify you of any changes in the assignment of your primary counselor in advance of the change or as soon as possible.


Within 30 days of admission a formal plan for your treatment will be developed with your primary counselor to begin addressing your treatment issues and goals.  You are expected to meet with your counselor a minimum of twice per month during the first year in treatment and once per month in the second year of treatment.  Assuming you are progressing as expected, starting the third year of treatment you may only be required to meet with your counselor every six months.  Your counselor may require you to meet with him/her more often than the minimum.


All requests should first involve you primary counselor.  Your counselor should be made aware of any significant changes and problems in your life.  Please bring all your requests to your counselor first including a need to be seen by the physician.  You are expected to make and keep all appointments with your counselor.  If you are going to be late or need to reschedule, please call and inform us of the delays. 


As professionals, our staff of counselors, nurses and doctors are mandatory reporters.  The means in certain circumstances we will notify the proper authorities without your consent.  These situations include:

  1. If you verbalize an intent to do bodily harm to someone or yourself,

  2. If you admit to current child or elder abuse,

  3. If you have a medical emergency, and

  4. If you are diagnosed by us as having a reportable disease.

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